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RL360 Fund Announcements

Here I shall try to keep you updated about changes to the RL360 range of unit linked funds.  Keep an eye on this page on a regular basis .

 If you are interested to get something started or have any questions about RL360 and their funds, then please Contact Me at any time.


 Renaissance Sub-Saharan removed from Quantum, Oracle and Paragon 

Renaissance Asset Managers have advised that they intend to ‘hard’ close their Sub-Saharan fund when it reaches US$200 million. It is currently circa US$180 million.

Due to the impending ‘hard’ closure, it has been necessary to remove the fund from the Quantum (post April 2010), Oracle and Paragon fund ranges with immediate effect, which means it is no longer open to new investors.

RL360 are providing existing investors with 60 days’ notice that the fund will be ‘hard’ closing and asking them to choose an alternative from the fund range. A policyholder mailing has been issued to affected policyholders, investment advisers and servicing advisers.

 4 more funds added to Quantum, Oracle and Paragon

 The Renaissance Pan-African fund will be added as a replacement for the Renaissance Sub-Saharan fund. The fund invests across the African continent – from ‘Cape to Cairo’ and offers significant exposure to the economies of Nigeria and East Africa. Launched around the same time as the Sub-Saharan fund it has experienced a similar performance pattern.

 RL360 are also introducing 3 multi-manager funds from the Harmony Portfolio range. These multi asset strategy funds are managed by a team of experienced investment professionals at Momentum Global Investment Management Limited. Momentum are a new addition to the fund ranges which now takes the number of fund groups selected for the ranges up to 34.

 The funds are available with immediate effect to all Quantum (post April 2010), Oracle and Paragon policies.

 Fund name




Sector: Equity – Emerging Market

Renaissance Pan-African



Sector: Global Managed

Harmony Portfolios Asian Growth



Harmony Portfolios Sterling Growth



Harmony Portfolios US Dollar Growth