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Coral Student Portfolio Information

The Coral Student Portfolio offers investors the opportunity to participate in the growing sector of Student Accommodation. The Fund invests in a range of established UK schemes and providers and is also positioned to benefit from emerging opportunities in select international centres. By spreading investment across several specialist providers, it removes single operator risk and can shift emphasis to developing geographic trends. The Coral Student Portfolio launched in March 2009 and is an EU Fund, domiciled and regulated by the CSSF, in Luxembourg.

The Assets
• Spread of risk among established and proven operators.
• Geographical risk tailored to a changing student accommodation landscape i.e. Russell Group and core degrees. Flexible enough to adapt in future as market changes dictate.
• Spread of investment strategies incorporating institutional level Funds and opportunist (but securitised) finance deals as preferred cornerstone investors in new or emerging institutional Funds. Again, only with security and experienced operators
• Directors of Coral have the longest experience available in Student Accommodation as an investment asset class.
• Access to off market opportunities and discounted secondary market trades in institutional Funds.
• Generally a core of higher liquidity than a single provider bricks and mortar Fund.
• Imminent exposure to CBRE approved opportunities overseas. The UK model is being exported internationally as student mobility patterns grow. Opportunities exist with experienced providers.

The Structure
• EU regulated Fund in Luxembourg
• Full transparency ,control and regulatory responsibility from Manager, Administrator, Custodian, Investment Adviser and Auditor
• Ultimate control of the Fund rests with investors i.e. they can vote off the Managers.
• Adherence to emerging EU directive, AIFMD – written conflict of interest and risk management policy logged with regulators.
• Topical written liquidity strategy involving higher than normal cash holdings
• Dedicated team of investment advisers at CBRE ( 30,000 staff in 300 offices worldwide) – They lend initial and on-going due diligence , information resource and analysis of holdings.

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