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Important Announcement, October 2016

It’s been a busy month for Neuroware as we helped launch ATA-Plus – the world’s 1st regulated and licensed blockchain enhanced equity crowdfunding platform:

ATA-Plus are also our first public client to utilize Cortex:

They’re also the FinTech ambassadors for the Blockchain Embassy of Asia: is a community effort to help educate organizations and agencies throughout Southeast Asia about both the technical and legal implications of distributed ledgers.

With these important foundations in place, we would like to ask for your support in promoting our publicly listed campaign –

Kind regards;

Mark Smalley
Co-Founder & CEO 


Start-Up Opportunity in New Technology Company

Invest in a Start-Up Company that had 1.6 Million Requests in its First Month of Operations

I’d like to introduce you to, an exciting start-up company in a new and rapidly developing technology field – Blockchains.

They are looking for strategic investors to join their Advisory Round. They need to raise an additional US$120k from investments of US$30k blocks. For each US$30k investment they will allocate a 1% convertible security with Observer Rights in Inc.

In addition, larger investors would be interested in joining their Seed Round where they are seeking US$500k at a US$3M valuation. The leading participant will be offered a seat on the board.

Closing the Seed Round will allow them to grow the team with additional hires, expand their global marketing operations and continue developing tools and infrastructure for blockchain technology. is a technology start-up that was incorporated in April of 2014 as a Delaware C-Corp company in the USA.

The initial foundation capital of US$100,000 came from 500 Startups, a prominent Silicon Valley venture fund led by Dave McClure (a founding member of PayPal) and Sean Percival (previously the CMO at MySpace) –

With legal representation from Gunderson Dettmer, a leading international law-firm, Neuroware are now raising their first open seed-round and are seeking a further US$150,000 in minimum batches of US$30,000. Each US$30,000 invested will be allocated a 1% convertible security in Inc. These funds will be used to provide the necessary runway required for them to further develop their product and reach Series-A funding –

Neuroware develop tools and infrastructure for blockchain technologies. The blockchains are a series of distributed decentralized transactional-data platforms and are currently being used to power several international payment networks. These new networks and protocols have already been adopted by several banks in Europe and are now being extended to cater for international asset management and trading.

Venture Beat announced Neuroware as one of the 5 most interesting companies to have presented at the 500 Startups Demo Day at Microsoft in Silicon Valley:

Neuroware recently launched their first product, Blockstrap, a set of software tools that allow other developers to create their own applications on top of the new open protocols introduced by blockchain technology –

Having launched four months ago, they have now served over 5 million API requests from over 60 registered developers spread across every continent on the globe, growing at an average rate of 30% month-over-month. Their social reach surpasses 16,000, with over 150 downloads of their framework, which has been forked 8 times and now has contributions from two active members in the community who are developing their own applications on our platform.

They have a proven business model that positions them as a blockchain-infrastructure-as-a-service provider, much like other successful companies have done in the past with previous waves of technological breakthroughs and they do so with a team ideal for such a task.

With expectations of over US$1 Billion to be invested into blockchain technologies in 2015 this is clearly an area with significant growth potential. Neuroware expect to receive between $3m-$5m of that total capital within 36 months as they work towards and complete Series-A funding by capitalizing upon their existing relationships with the top VCs in Silicon Valley and South East Asia. This would increase the value of any minimum investments of US$30,000 made now by approximately 100-300%.

For further information on this great opportunity you can Click Here for the Latest Investment Information.

Please take the time to look through the attached Neuroware Start-Up Opportunity file and then Contact Me for further information on how to place an investment.


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