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Lucent Strategic Land Fund

The Lucent Strategic Land Fund (LSLF) is at the heart of what Lucent does. It is the only open-ended investment vehicle that focuses purely on the strategic acquisition of land in the UK.

Because of the skills and expertise available to the Fund from Lucent Advisors, investors are able to benefit from informed and carefully researched acquisitions. Our knowledge of potential risks and returns is exceptionally detailed and, therefore, better managed.

By only acquiring only sites that have already been identified to come forward as part of a town plan and where the principle of development is established, we effectively remove one of the major risks involved in land acquisition in the UK.

We then work to add value to the site through sustainable planning and design work, including involving obtaining the relevant permissions, including change of use and enabling infrastructure, if necessary, to deliver a serviced site to the house-building market. We work closely with the local communities and authorities to address the full range of development issues, from infrastructure provision to the appropriate mix of housing density, commercial use and amenities.

The quality of design – as well as the careful attention to ensuring house builder profitability – ensures that sites that Lucent brings to the market are very attractive to house builders and offer the most competitive price in the local markets in which it operates.

It is the successful completion of this process that creates the largest capital gain anywhere in the real estate cycle while risks are mitigated through extensive upfront due diligence.

And it is at this point that the Fund will sell the site to a developer.

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Lucent Strategic Land – Annual Report

Please find attached the very useful Annual Report from the Lucent Strategic Land Fund.

It gives a brief overview of what has happened during 2014 and what they expect for 2015.

Let me know if you would like any further information or are interested in investing in this great opportunity.



KMG SICAV Lucent (GB Strategic Land Fund) Suspension

July 2016: KMG have removed Lucent as the adviser to the fund and are taking over the operation going forward. 

The fund has been suspended from the 30th June because it has a large exposure on an option which, in the opinion of the Board, cannot be adequately valued in light of uncertainties related to its imminent sale.  This asset is part of the Lincolnshire Lakes project.  The Fund was placed under suspension to protect investors until the uncertainty over the valuation of the option is resolved.   It is not linked with increased redemptions or liquidity issues. 

The fund is currently invested in 4 projects, they are not planning on exiting nor closing the Fund.

April 2017: The fund has been renamed GB Strategic Land Fund and the fund managers expect the fund to reopen in the next four weeks.  We are still waiting for news of the opening pricing and options for investors.  The issues remain about concern for the new opening price and how those who have put through surrender requests will be affected.

August 2017:  The fund remains suspended and now there is talk of compulsory liquidation once a couple of the underlying projects have been sold off at slashed prices.  Not a prospect any of us wants to hear.  There is an AGM due to held in Luxembourg on the 21st August (details attached below).  This is certainly the best forum to make your views know.

Below you will also find a copy of the original suspension notice and the most recent, Q2 2017, fund update.

You are welcome to Contact Me for any further information and I’ll try to help where I can.