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Guinness Global Money Managers Fund

The Guinness Global Money Managers Fund gives investors exposure to the growth potential of companies in the asset management sector.

The Fund is managed for capital growth and invests in companies engaged in money management services (primarily asset management, but also wealth management, stock exchanges, custodian and trustee services and other specialist service providers).

They believe that, over the long term, asset management companies can grow their earnings faster than the general equity markets. Successful asset management businesses can grow very rapidly, particularly in rising markets. Their risk-return characteristics are especially attractive from a shareholder’s point of view, since they tend to require relatively little capital to grow. Asset management is also a growing global sector: assets under management are rising faster than underlying equity markets.

The Fund is a long-only equity portfolio of around 30 equally-weighted positions. 80% of the Fund is normally invested in companies with a market capitalisation over $500 million.

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