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About Lucent

The Lucent Group is a land site assembly specialist incorporating expertise in real estate acquisition, finance, planning, infrastructure delivery and project management.

The Lucent team have an excellent reputation as operational partners acting in multiple joint ventures and co-investments with global institutions and investors.

Lucent’s focus is in the delivery of land for residential development.

The Lucent Group consists of two companies with distinct yet integrated roles, Lucent Advisors and Lucent Global Distribution. Lucent Advisors’ sole business is strategic land selection and the active management of those land assets through the planning process and disposal. Lucent Global Distribution identifies and raises capital for the Lucent Strategic Land Fund (LSLF).

The Lucent Strategic Land Fund is a Luxembourg-domiciled open-ended investment company (OEIC) and a dedicated fund of the KMG SICAV–Specialised Investment Fund (SIF), whose investment objective is to achieve medium to long-term capital growth through investment in strategic land assets in high growth areas of the UK.

Together the Lucent corporate structure has been specifically designed to minimise risk and maximise investor returns. Their team has a track record in land development and site assembly that is second to none.

Head Office:

Lucent Group
10 Peel Road
Isle of Man
British Isles

Tel: +44 (1624) 647070

The very latest information about Lucent and the Strategic Land Fund can be found in the Press Room.


The Investment Option

World Bank issues Perfect Storm warning for 2016
The Guardian 06/01/16
George Soros sees crisis in global markets that echoes 2008
Bloomberg 07/01/16
Fears grow of repeat of 2008 financial crash as investors run for cover
The Guardian 20/01/16

Investing in UK strategic land not only provides shelter from this potential storm but is expected to provide positive returns for 2016 and beyond. WHY?
Delivering strategic land in the UK, with planning permissions in place, is a repeatable process driven exercise and, given the demographic fundamentals and political support for the asset class, the prospect of positive returns in 2016 by the Lucent Strategic Land Fund seem more predictable than those in any other major asset class.




The Opportunity

Years of undersupply has led to a well-documented UK Housing Crisis

Rapidly increasing UK population

5million people on UK housing waiting lists

Cross party political support to increase housing stock with a pledge of 1million new homes by 2020
Those new homes, in the numbers required, cannot be built until first the demand for land with planning consent is met: exactly what the Lucent Strategic Land Fund delivers.

Why invest in the Lucent Strategic Land Fund
5 year trading history
Positive returns in each of those years.
No debt or leverage in the Fund
AUM USD100million
Local Government pension scheme is a key investor in the Fund
Fund has entered into investment partnerships with Local Authorities to bring forward public sector land

Current Projects                                  

Accepted within portfolio bonds with: Generali, FPI, SEB, AXA, Investors Trust, STM Life, Custodian Life, Canada Life.
Accepted via Capital Platforms/Moventum, Prestige Wealth/Guardian & Capital International Group/Tradex, The Investment Platform (TIP).


Peterborough Investment Partnership (Jan 2015)

Beginning the New Year with the announcement of the signing of a new Investment Partnership in Peterborough is a strong start to what certainly promises to be a very exciting and successful 2015 for the Lucent Strategic Land Fund (LSLF) as we build on the significant milestones of 2014.  (The attached PDF gives more details on the Peterborough Investment Partnership). 
These milestones included the granting of planning permission at Lincolnshire Lakes for two new villages incorporating 3,000 new homes, leisure and retail facilities, the signing of Lucent’s first Investment Partnership with Allerdale Borough Council with the first tranche of sites now well on track to achieve planning consent later this year and securing the Royal Pier Waterfront site in Southampton, the south coast’s most prestigious regeneration project which is also expected to achieve planning consent in 2015.  All of these developments augment an expansive acquisition programme of high value projects creating a strong platform for investor gains over the coming years.
Following the £20 million investment in LSLF by the East Riding Pension Fund at the end of last summer, we continue to see increased interest and investment inflow from institutional investors. They are no doubt buoyed by the market outlook for the foreseeable future.  Indeed, Savills’ research from November 2014 states that ‘demand for development land is expected to remain robust with around 80% of those agents surveyed saying that they are positive about the market for greenfield and urban development land’ (Savills Residential Research).
This encouraging outlook for land development is underpinned by positive prospects for the UK housing market in 2015.  A BBC poll taken of leading property sector experts shows a consensus forecast for UK residential property prices to increase by 4% in 2015 with first time buyers in particular being assisted by continued record low interest rates.  And Savills forecasts that house prices across the UK will grow by 19.5% over the next five years (3.9% per annum).
Against this positive macro backdrop, all the main UK political parties are supporting accelerated rates of land release and house building to alleviate the acute UK housing shortage.  The faster development of local authority land assets is an important aspect of this.  Lucent’s Investment Partnership structure is leading the way in helping local authorities meet their local housing needs.
Lucent steps in as the funder and facilitator to make local authority projects happen.  The Peterborough partnership follows Allerdale as our second Investment Partnership joint venture and several other authorities have contacted us about establishing similar schemes as the pressure to deliver land for development to meet their growth requirements intensifies. We will keep you abreast of these developments as they happen.

Yet another reason for you to consider the Lucent Strategic Land Fund as part of your portfolio.  Just Contact Me for more details.


Lincolnshire Lakes Project (Nov 2015)


Winchester, UK – 18 November 2015 – Lucent Group, a leading land delivery platform in the UK, is delighted to announce that it has won the ‘Planning for the Environment’ award at the prestigious Planning Awards.  Lucent was recognised for the quality of its environmental design on the Lincolnshire Lakes scheme in North Lincolnshire.  It was also short listed in the ‘Planning Permission of the Year’ category.

The award, presented on Tuesday November 17 at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, was given to Lucent for its outstanding work in delivering environmental benefit through planning. The award’s criteria also called for the project to improve the physical and environmental quality of the community as well as to offer improvement to the community’s economic or social well-being.

Rosamond Flynn, Co-Founder and Director of the Lucent Group, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“This honour is extremely important.” stated Ms. Flynn. “It recognises the extremely high level of work and detail we put into the planning of all our projects. It also strengthens Lucent’s reputation as a leader at the forefront of land delivery in the UK.”
Lucent’s plans for Lincolnshire Lakes include two new villages that will create a distinctive setting for new homes and communities. The proposals include the creation of a significant number of new lakes helping to create an attractive setting for homes and businesses. The lakes will also play a key ecological role, providing new habitats for important species and mitigating flood risk in the area.

The Lincolnshire Lakes project is one of the largest development investment opportunities in the country that is forecast to provide 6,000 new homes, accelerate regeneration and bring inward investment opportunities to the area.
Aside from Lincolnshire Lakes, Lucent currently has three schemes in the UK including joint ventures with the councils in Peterborough and Allerdale in North Cumbria to assist in the development of their land assets. Lucent is also undertaking the redevelopment and regeneration of Southampton’s Royal Pier Waterfront, one of the country’s largest and most high profile schemes.
“Lucent has built a reputation for our unique funding, planning and project execution”, said Ms. Flynn. “But this honour also illustrates how we leverage our considerable insight, capital and caring to develop modern, creative and meaningful sustainable solutions to critical environmental issues.”



 If you are looking for the prospect of positive growth and long term portfolio enhancement then the Lucent Strategic Land Fund is an invaluable part of the answer. Click here to ask me for more information.


Southampton Royal Pier Waterfront (Apr 2014)

The first two months of 2014 have started very positively for the Lucent Strategic Land Fund (LSLF).

On February 17 the creation of the Investment Partnership between Allerdale Borough Council and the Lucent Strategic Land Fund was announced. This is an innovative new structure that will see 15 new sites brought forward for development by the Partnership.

NOW, Lucent Group is also pleased to announce a very significant event for the Royal Pier Waterfront project in Southampton (please see attached press release).

On February 28 Southampton City Council, Associated British Ports and The Crown Estate collectively confirmed their support for, and participation in, this project with the Lucent Strategic Land Fund which will reconnect the City of Southampton with its waterfront. It has taken Lucent 12 months to align all the interests of all the parties to this agreement but having now done so the project will progress relatively quickly through the planning process and that will be progressively reflected in the NAV of the Fund through 2014.

This will have a major impact on the city, as confirmed in the following quote by the Leader of Southampton City Council, Simon Letts: “We are very excited by these proposals. The Royal Pier Waterfront development is the flagship project in our overall plan to further enhance our city’s reputation as a first-class destination to live, work and visit”.

Collectively, the Southampton, Allerdale and Lincolnshire Lakes projects make the outlook for the Lucent Strategic Land Fund in 2014 exceedingly positive.

If you are looking for positive growth and long term portfolio enhancement the Lucent Strategic Land Fund may be an invaluable part of the answer so Contact Me.

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