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About Alquity

Here to change investment, for good.

For too long, investment has been about grabbing a quick profit, while giving nothing back. At Alquity, we’re here to change that, for good.  Our mission is to transform how people invest, to achieve great returns while creating a better, fairer world for all.  How? By offering investment funds designed to achieve a Virtuous Circle that’s in everyone’s best interests…

Conventional investment management is reactive. People put their money in today’s – or yesterday’s – success stories. Not us. We stay ahead of the game, both geographically and in terms of the type of companies we invest in. Unlike traditional benchmark-driven funds, we don’t confine ourselves to backing the big names in any sector. We actively explore small and medium-sized companies, where we see big growth potential. Discover our funds….

At Alquity we’re perfectly clear that we can’t transform investment by measuring our performance against external benchmarks. And we don’t see the point of hiring the most talented investment fund managers, then tying their hands behind their backs. So we give our fund managers complete freedom to follow their convictions. Within the relevant region, they can roam as they see fit, choosing stocks in any business that they believe will deliver a really good return for our investors.

 Taking the long-term view – and backing only companies with a clear and sustainable advantage over their competitors – can actually delivers better returns. We use a process called forward-looking Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis to identify well-managed companies that operate responsibly. Combined with the good judgement of our fund managers, ESG enables us to get under the skin of the businesses we invest in – reducing risk, and helping us pick winners. Read more about forward-looking ESG…


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Alquity News Update

Environmental, Social, Governance Strategy – May 2015

Alquity have produced the attached Insight Paper on the benefits of an Environmental, Social, Governance Strategy (ESG) which I hope may be of interest.

Chris Wehbe chairs Alquity’s Investment Committee and he highlights the advantages of an ESG strategy not only to the fund and investors but also to local communities.

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