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FMG Rising 6

FMG Rising 6 Fund

The FMG Rising 6 Fund aims to attain exposure to the world’s fastest growing economies which include: Asia/China, India, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. These countries and regions are growing at a much faster rate than developed economies. They make up more than 50% of global growth, but only represent 20% of the world’s stock market capitalisation.

The Rising 6 regions at a glance

  • Sustainable economic growth rates, significantly greater than developed economies;
  • Nearly 4 billion people, some 60% of the global population;
  • Covers about half the world’s land mass;
  • A majority of the population is under the age of 25;
  • Fast growing middle class with an increasing appetite for consumer goods.

If you are interested to invest in this fund, either direct or through your Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB), then please Contact Me for further information.



FMG Rising 6 Update, Apr 2015


FMG Rising 6 Fund R (USD) LU0574464128 vs MSCI EM & MSCI BRIC (USD) 2013-12-27 – 2015-04-10 Source: Bloomberg  


The Rising 6 Regions at a Glance

Africa • China • India • Latin America • Middle East • Russia 


Source: BP, The Economist, IMF, WTO & MSCI

Roughly 80% of the world’s population lives in the Rising 6 regions and they contribute almost 75% of the global GDP growth, yet these countries still account for just 14% of the global stock market capitalization. We believe it is only a question of time till the Rising 6 market capitalization closes the gap with the developed markets.