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FMG India

FMG India Fund

India, the world’s most populous democracy, is an exciting emerging market. The country has significant economic growth ahead of it. The population is young, and with a growing middle class, India is becoming more consumption driven. The government has also taken steps to liberalize and modernize the economy, making it more competitive.

India at a glance

  • India is following a similar growth path that China started 10 years earlier;
  • The country has one of the highest domestic savings rates in the world;
  • India has strong local demand along with a growing export led economy;
  • Nearly 50% of India’s population is below the age of 25;
  •  Forecasts suggest 5%-6% real GDP growth annually over the next 5-10 years.

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FMG India Update, May 2015

FMG India Opportunity Fund +89% in 20 Months

FMG India Opportunity Fund Class B (USD) MT0000077116, 2013-08-30 – 2015-04-17       Source: Bloomberg


We expect India to top world GDP growth on the back of the following tail winds:

Source: Investopedia


FMG India Opportunity Fund

The FMG India Opportunity Fund offers investors access to mainly Indian mid and large cap equities. The Fund’s objective is to provide capital appreciation over the medium to long-term. The fund’s assets will primarily be invested within the India region. The assets will be diversified among various managers with different investment styles, aiming to lower risk and volatility. The portfolio can also be diversified between complementary investment strategies, geographical areas and industry sectors. In this way a balance is sought between attractive returns and capital preservation. The opportunistic nature of the fund may, however, target concentrated investments and or those with a higher risk-reward return profile.