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EEA Life Settlements

EEA Life Settlements Fund

A Life Settlement is the sale of a US life insurance policy to a third party, where the insured has an impaired life expectancy.

In exchange for a payment more than the policy’s cash surrender value (even if none exists) the purchaser becomes the new owner of the policy. The new policy owner pays all future premiums during the remaining life of the insured and ultimately collects the full ‘face value’ of the policy on maturity.

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I can help you with the latest copies of Shareholder Letters, Fact Sheets, Portfolio Stats and Maturity Schedules.

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My last update was sent out on the 29th May 2017, please click here to request a copy


Another distribution was made to Run-Off and Continuation Shareholders.  Southey Capital  has also expressed an interest in purchasing any remaining Run-Off and Continuation Shares following this redemption.  Please Contact Me immediately and I shall be able to help.  The EEA Investors’ Group has expressed concerns about the fund’s liquidity and the value of remaining with it.  More can be found in my newsletter.