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Premier Eco-Resources Fund Suspension, updated Aug 2017

This fund is now being wound-up.

November 30th 2016: Premier Group IOM went into liquidation and is currently under investigation by the Liquidators.

December 16th: The IOM Courts appointed an Inspector to consider the running of the Eco-Resources fund and its finances.

December 19th: The Fund Directors issued a report.

December 20th: Following the EGM all existing company directors resigned.

January 16th 2017: new EGM to look at appointing new directors.

March 18th: IOM High Court ordered the winding-up of the fund (see attached article).

August 4th: IOM Courts have ordered the replacement of the appointed Liquidator (see attached article).

The fund appears broke and the only hope seems to be if the Liquidators can find any wrong-doing which would allow them to claim funds from elsewhere.  The August decision by the IOM Courts seems to indicate the IOM Government’s desire to see the fund rescued rather than liquidated.

As more information gradually comes to light I shall publish it.  If you have any questions related to this fund, then please Contact Me and I shall see if I can get the answers. 



Premier Eco-Resources Fund, Bamboo

The Eco Resources Fund PCC plc (the “Fund”) is an Isle of Man qualifying fund offering qualifying investors the opportunity to invest in Sustainable Biological Assets and in associated processing facilities, including the land, buildings, plant and machinery required to convert raw Sustainable Biological Assets into a marketable product. If opportunities arise, the Premier Sub-Funds will also seek to profit from the sale of carbon rights.

Biological Assets are defined as trees or crops, which are grown, managed, harvested and may be processed into valued added products before being sold for profit.  Sustainable Biological Assets are defined as Biological Assets that are grown, managed and harvested in an ecologically sound manner while avoiding depletion of natural resources, and maximising positive social impact through the provision of opportunities for long term employment for the local community.

The Fund, in considering Sustainable Biological Assets for investment, is seeking opportunities for assets that are strongly in demand relative to supply and offer potential for profitable investment. The likely demand is driven by:

  • Continued world population growth.
  • Global economic growth (particularly in China, India and Brazil) with associated demand.
  • Increasingly stringent protection measures and anti-logging regulations for natural forests.
  • A demand for biomass driven renewable energy using biomass increasingly encouraged via government incentives.

The Fund has established a joint venture with EcoPlanet Bamboo Group to invest in Bamboo Plantations via loan notes and minority equity interests.

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with “Impact Investing”.  Impact Investing is the practice of assessing not only the financial return, but the social and environmental impacts of the investment, that occur as a direct and indirect consequence of the business and associated activities.  A truly Green Fund.

I have attached some of the most important literature but I can help with any further information, just Contact Me.

Premier Eco Resources Fund Performance

I shall be happy to keep you updated with the latest performances figures for the Premier Eco Resources Fund.  It’s got off to a fantastic start; let’s hope it grows as fast as the bamboo.

If you are interested to consider this as part of your portfolio then I’d be happy to talk to you on ways to invest both direct and through your Personal Portfolio Bond (PPB). Contact Me.


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