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Alquity Indian Subcontinent

In recent years, India’s rapid progress towards economic superpower status has been widely documented. But now there’s a new generation of rapid growth companies coming through, which most overseas investors have yet to register.

The Alquity Indian Subcontinent Fund offers our investors a chance to be among the first to catch this wave, focusing on dynamic private sector “New India” companies, mainly in consumer, leisure, retail and logistics. Fund manager Mike Sell is also looking for exciting growth potential across the Subcontinent, by investing in frontier markets such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

If you are interested to learn more about this fund or wish to add this to your portfolio then Please Contact Me.


Alquity India Fund Update, Apr 2015

News about the Alquity Indian Charity Partner, Shiva.

Ask the average money manager for an honest view of “Responsible Investment” or “Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)” – and they’ll either tell you it’s hippy stuff with no commercial value, or that it’s a niche interest which has done little to change their investment processes. But these managers are missing a trick. Alquity believes that Responsible Investment is actually Smarter Investment. 

Lack of opportunity limits people’s ability to achieve their full potential. In its most extreme form, it can mean lack of access to the fundamental rights of adequate healthcare and education. It hampers economic growth and burdens societies for generations to come.

Alquity channels their donations into credible organisations delivering sustainable and transformational projects – to lift those living in extreme or relative poverty off the bottom rungs of the ladder and stimulate economic growth from the grass-roots up.

Here, you can be part of the move to more “philanthropic” investing and have the opportunity to give back whilst getting some decent returns on your money. Contact Me to learn more.